Tuesday , October 19 2021

The French chain B & B wants to open 15 hotels in Belgium before 2023


B & B is pleased with opening its first hotel in the kingdom, located in the new district of Antwerp Nieuw Zuid and showing "strong employment rates."

B & B, which has an average of 50 hotels per year and 450 around the world, will open a second (91 rooms) in June, in front of the Brussels-South station, while one third ( 114 rooms) is already planned by the end of 2020 in the center of Ghent.

"A fourth hotel will start operating next month in February in the center of the city of Antwerp (…). A particularly ambitious project as the building will be destroyed, but its historic façade will be reconstructed in an identical way, "says the hotel chain in a statement.

In addition to these four confirmed hotels, B & B already has planning permission for other projects. "The group mainly wants to partner with developers to build new hotels, but does not exclude the purchase of existing buildings to renew them and perform sales and leasing operations, based on the solid backbone of the parent company (460 million euros in sales in 2017). The group also does not hesitate to buy hotels directly, unit or portfolio, such as the acquisition in 2016 of the Sidorme hotel chain in Spain, "he says.

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