Tuesday , October 19 2021

The IRM places extra regions in the region


The sky will be partly due to high weather and weather will be variable on the spot, announcing the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) in the morning bulletin. The maximum will be between 2 or 3 degrees south of the Haute-Marne and 7 degres at the coast; Temperatures gradually diminished mid-afternoon. Averses pourront will be accompanied by rafales at 65 km / h.

A zone of averses active to cross the Belgique from the west due to the morning. A tonnerre coup will not be excluded south. The part of the west of notre territoire et du grésil will be possible locally. In mid-afternoon, the aversion gradually progresses to a winter and southern character of the Sambre et Meuse saddle, which will temporarily surrender more southern sec with the possibility of a local eclaircie. South, the ardennais summits, visibility pourra être réduite par des nuages ​​bas.

– Dans in the province of Namur, new predictions 1 to 5 cm from snow fraîche.

– Dans in the province of Luxembourg, new prepairs 5 to 10 cm from snow fraîche.

– Dans in the province of Liège, new prévoyons 5 to 15 cm from neige fraîche, and possibly plus in Hautes-Fagnes.

At the bottom of the earth, the wind will be moderated by a strong south-south sector, turning later to the northwestern sub-sector. Averses pourront will be accompanied by rafales jusque 65 km / h. At the end of the day, the wind will turn up sharply in a stormy setting with rafales jusque 80 km / h, voire plus.

Plusieurs régions du pays ont été placées per the IRM enerte jaune, voire orange pour la provence de Liège.

Numerical edition of the reporters

What will happen to you, the precipitations will be frequent on the ensemble du territoire. Au sud du sillon Sambre et Meuse, il s'aire de neige tenant au sol. There are plenty of vacations available in Ardenne. South has a large central part of the country, the rain will gradually transform into neige fondant. At the end of the day, some of the eclaircies reverts to the west. The minimum will be between -1 degré sur les holles de l'Ardenne et 3 a 5 degrés dans l'ouest

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