Saturday , March 6 2021

The point of our roads

The snow began to fall on our roads during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, causing the traffic to be fulfilled in some places. This is the point on our roads.

Our traffic information in real time

On the freeways

An accident took place this morning at Luxembourg-Namur E411, near Tourinnes-Saint-Lambert, in the direction of Brussels / Brussels. The cause? A car was on the road that blocked the traffic on the left lane. The path is now clear.

There was also an accident at the E40 Liège Brussels at Herve to Brussels. A truck hit the security railroad. The situation has been normalized.

A bus to the E40 Liège-Brussels to Herstal to Brussels is broken down. The emergency stop band is blocked.

At E42, there are two bands of three.

There was also an accident at the Brussels ring in Dilbeek. The left side was clogged. The path is now free.

On the regional roads

In National 4, there was an accident at Attert in Brussels. The right side is clogged, which makes the situation dangerous. A truck is in trouble.

Another truck slid on the road and is a scissors at the N5 Brussels-Charleroi to Bruly-Fishing to France. The passage is difficult and causes the tails at 7 in the morning. On the same axis, another truck is in difficulty and blocks the traffic to Laneffe, to Couvin. The passage is very difficult.

Several trucks are in difficulties on the coast of Hollogne to the N4 Luxembourg (L) – Arlon-Namur to Waha. The step is difficult and the situation is dangerous.

Another truck is the cause of an accident at the N40 near Silenrieux. Queues are also waiting.

The disturbed TEC network, especially in Hainaut

The snowfall causes the breakdown of bus traffic to the TEC network, mainly in the province of Hainaut, can be read on the web page on Wednesdays. You have set up a "weather plan". This prevents deviations in certain lines.

In Hainaut, the "weather plan" is in force throughout the province. The central region is the most affected with more eliminated buses. In addition to the buses, some services from the Charleroi 4 line to and from Gilly-Soleilmont are not insured, adds TEC Charleroi.

There are also riots in the Walloon Brabant, where several lines are diverted and several trips are eliminated. Line 28 of the Ottignies-Court-Saint-Etienne does not circulate.

Time point: the magnetic resonance expects up to 15 cm of accumulated snow

The snowy periods should make Wednesday build a 5-15 cm ground, locally sometimes more, according to the last magnetic resonance forecast. The maximum temperatures will be between -2 degrees, to the south of the valley of Sambre and Meuse and 4 degrees to the sea.

The wind will be weak to moderate, from northwest to west.

During the night, light snow is still possible in the northeast of the country. You should fear ice or snow patches.

During the night, the IRM predicts generalized frosts. Mercury will submerge to -6 degrees in High Fens, -2 degrees in the center and the coast.

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