Monday , March 1 2021

the price of hundreds of products up

French Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume, admitted Wednesday morning: February 1, tariff increases will take part in 4% of consumer food products, with brands known as Nutella, Ricard or Coca- Cola The reason? The increase of 10% in the "threshold of revenge at a loss" imposed by the recent food legislation.

The government intends to force the distributors to even sell their call products at prices at least 10% higher than those they buy, and stop the lossy sales.

The State hopes that the distribution will be more able to pay producers of the agricultural and aquaculture sectors, which are drowned and disappeared, regularly paid below their cost price.

As producers and producers go every year to the ritual price negotiation that takes place from October to the end of February, in front of the agribusiness giants and especially the powerful central purchasing of distribution.

"What I'm asking for big box stores is finding a way to spread the margins differently, distributing things better, the goal is that agricultural products are marketed at their fair value," he says. say the minister. In supermarkets, "500 products of 13,000" will increase on Friday, while in hypermarkets "it is about 800 products over 20,000," he added.

"When people buy meat, fish," prices "will be protected, unlike before," he said, "especially in Private Label (MDD)." "What matters to me is that consumers and farmers join."

"They are the products of our regions, pressured by the central purchase, that pay for the distribution of Coca-Cola or Nutella," added the agricultural unions FNSEA and JA, in favor of the law on Wednesday.

Message received by the Federation of Trade and Distribution (FCD), which brings together all the actors in the distribution, with the exception of Leclerc. "What all the economic actors, except Leclerc, have agreed, is that we have to change the system, so that we return to normal prices, and that allows to improve the fate of farmers. From this point of view, It seems to me that there is nothing surprising that Ricard's price may increase a little if it increases the price they pay to milk producers for a liter of milk, "he said. the general delegate of the CDF, Jacques Creyssel, told AFP.

"The consumer will see, when all this is over, in a few months, it is actually a positive operation for all," he said.

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