Wednesday , October 27 2021

The project for a new RAAL stadium in Tivoli has been born


There will be no new football and rugby stadium at the Tivoli site. This Tuesday morning, La Louvière City Council announced in a press release that it would disconnect the connector from negotiations with RAAL, the project’s carrier.

As a reminder, in March this year, La Louvière City Council launched a call for projects for “the development of a multidisciplinary sports field in a part of the Tivoli stadium grounds. “ A call to which RAAL responded, which aims to build a new football stadium in accordance with its sporting ambitions, that is, a return to professional football in the medium term. In its project, the RAAL envisaged a mixed stadium that could host football and rugby matches, which would have been used by the Soignies Rugby Club for its most important matches.

But a stumbling block quickly emerged: project leaders had to comply, under penalty of irregularity in their bid, with a special clause called the clause. “Orban“, recalls the city

“This clause, which is included in the deed of ownership of the city and from which it cannot be released, obliges it to never transfer all or part of the funds of this sports area to a specific company or individual so that it is accessible at all times to all sports companies without distinction. “

“This condition of collective interest was clearly a major obstacle for RAAL”, loves the city. “Furthermore, despite the various exchanges between the municipal services and RAAL, the legal analysis of its offer concludes that it does not comply with the impositions of the Orban clause and is therefore inadmissible.”

If the City says “serious knowledge” this situation, she “It confirms its desire to ensure the harmonious development of the Tivoli site by ensuring that the interests of the community and, in particular, the legitimate expectations expressed by sports clubs in various disciplines, including athletics, are taken into account.” i “ensures that” it will take, in the coming weeks, all useful initiatives to do so. ”

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