Monday , September 26 2022

"The situation on the roads is likely to be catastrophic"


" After a very quiet weekend, it will begin on Tuesday with the arrival of heavy rains that will turn into snow very quickly. Tell Farid in his time blog posted on his Facebook page.

" The situation on the roads can be catastrophic Tuesday through Wednesday night at least in the whole country, except perhaps the coast. Other snowy events are foreseen but, as I explained yesterday, it was impossible to foresee these things at – 48 H. For the test, no model predicted snow on Wednesdays no more than yesterday morning Keep on.

Point the dates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. " Beyond 200 meters, all disturbance will fall in the form of snow and a 5 to 10 cm west of the country! The latest news, the snow will arrive in the morning, in the middle of traffic … A great disorder is feared on the roads as it will continue to wake up in the afternoon, but in the form of heavy rains … "

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