Thursday , August 11 2022

The snow returns: the weather region by region (photo and video)


The first scales fell in the afternoon.

theA snow returned this Saturday to mid-afternoon in Belgium. The first snowflakes fell to Wallonia, near Liege, Sudpress reports. The Royal Meteorological Institute (MRI) also announces during the night of light rains in the form of snowflakes in the Ardennes. Frosts will regenerate in most regions, with -3 or -4 degrees in the upper part of Belgium and -1 or 0 degrees in Flanders.

► All of our weather forecast, region by region

sunday In the morning, there will be some slight winter precipitation in the southeastern part of the country. On the night from Sunday to Monday, we will enjoy great storms, despite the presence of high clouds sails. The minima vary between 0 and -2 degrees south of the Sambre-i-Meuse valley, around +3 to +4 degrees in the sea and between 0 and +2 degrees in other regions.

► Rain, snow and cold: climate of region by region

Monday, the day will start with a lot of sunshine in the morning. The weather will be dry. The temperatures will oscillate between the 10 degrees in Haute Ardenne and the 14 or 15 degrees in Flanders and the center of the country.

Tuesday In the afternoon, the sky will often be very cloudy in all regions and, at the end of the day, rain will reach our country from the south. Temperatures will increase with peaks between 12 degrees at the heights of the Ardennes and locally at 17 degrees in the center.

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