Monday , May 16 2022

The Swiss ramp costs a lot of money to the Belgian Federation


Red Devils

The League of Nations can have a sport stake less than the World Cup or the Euro, but could still finance the funds of the Belgian Union.

League League distributes bonuses for solidarity for 55 participating countries. Thus, the Devils are guaranteed to receive at least 1.5 million euros as residents of the A League (against 1 million, 750,000 and 500,000 euros for Liga B, C and D). But most bonuses necessarily depend on the results and, as such, the defeat in Switzerland is a set for the Belgian Union.

Each league winner will receive an additional $ 1.5 million, while the second and third in each group will leave empty hands. And in the case of League A, the final four also offers significant financial benefits: the final winner will receive 4.5 million, the finalists 3.5 million, the third 2.5 million and the fourth, who will still lose his two matches in June will receive 1.5 million more!

Winning their Group 2, Belgium would receive 3 million euros (1.5 for the first place, 1.5 for their placement in the Final Four). And in case of a final victory in June, Devil's course could have a total of 6 million more.

A heavy blow when we know that the Federation touched the jackpot to the fingers at 0-2, before seeing it cross over the Swiss goals. Is not it a shame to lose such money in Switzerland?

We still remember that the third place in the last Council earned 20.3 million euros.

N. Ch.

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