Friday , September 24 2021

the TF1 show “20 Years of Worship Shows” makes viewers nostalgic

This Saturday evening, TF1 has pleased the most nostalgic of us broadcasting “2001-2021: 20 years of cult shows”, a documentary that reviews the many mythical shows that have made the history of television in the last two decades.

If some programs are still in our memory because they still exist, think of “Koh-Lanta” or “Beijing Express”, others have more or less recently disappeared from our screens.

And if programs like “Watch to Walk” are still more or less “alive” in more modern ways, others no longer find their counterpart. “Live My Life,” “We Just Ask to Laugh,” “House Stars,” so many cult shows that have marked the youth of many viewers.

It is not surprising, then, this Saturday evening, during the broadcast of the program, to meet dozens of nostalgic Internet users who demand, for various reasons, the return of certain programs or proclaim their love for old programs.

And you, what shows are you missing?

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