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There are already twelve indigenous cases and two imported cases


PAPEETE, April 29, 2019 – Since the beginning of 201, they have confirmed twelve indigenous cases and two cases of imported dengue. Tahiti is in an epidemic phase: the affected communities are Papeete (Taunoa), Mahina, Faa & # 39; a. Moorea is in an alert stage: the affected municipality is Papetoai. Currently, the other islands of French Polynesia are not free.

Since dengue type 2 has not circulated in the country since 2000, the population is poorly immunized and the epidemic could be of great magnitude. People under 20 years of age or arriving in French Polynesia after 2000 are at risk of becoming infected.

Beyond the vector control actions implemented by the General Health Directorate (Public Health Center and Sanitation) with the collaboration of municipalities, everyone can be an actor to limit the magnitude of this epidemic for actions. Next: 1) To prevent infection: eliminate weekly play sites around your home and workplace; Protect yourself from mosquito bites (repellents, mosquito nets, diffusers …). 2) If you have fever above 38 ° C, consult a doctor. This is even more important if you come from Tahiti and go to another island in French Polynesia, not affected by this virus. 3) If you have dengue fever: protect yourself from mosquito bites for 10 days; Limit your movements so as not to contaminate other geographic areas.

In its latest health report, the health department recalls that Tahiti is conducting the dengue type 2 epidemic and that an alert is begun in Moorea. They have confirmed nine indigenous dengue cases 2 in the last two weeks: seven a week 15 and two a week 16. As of April 29, there were 12 confirmed cases of dengue 2 des from the beginning of March. The dengue epidemic 2 was declared on April 10, 2019 by the island of Tahiti (affected people: Papeete, Mahina, Faa & # 39; a). Moorea is in an alert stage (common affected: Papetoai).

Dengue type 1 continues to circulate in Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine: 27 confirmed cases and 6 probable cases (17 cases per week 15 and 16 cases per week 16).

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