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Threat threat to the airport in Brussels



The unions of Swissport threaten to strike on Monday.

If Swissport's management at the Brussels airport does not present, on Monday, a specific plan for controller personnel, unions threaten to be on strike. "From Monday night, we can disassociate ourselves from APOC, the airport's operating center", says Fouad Bougrine of CGSLB.

APOC includes several airport partners, such as baggage handlers, airline companies and security services. Make sure that you send the right people to the right places. "It is the heart of the airport"says Fouad Bougrine of the Liberal Union.

According to him, it is thanks to the intervention of the unions that a strike can be avoided on Friday.

If on Monday at 3 pm there is no plan on the table, the unions will ask for an emergency reconciliation. This meeting should take place on Monday night or Tuesday morning at the latest. "But if employees are angry on Monday afternoon, there is a risk that late afternoon at 10 pm will not start working."

The staff representatives denounce the lack of personnel and request a recruitment plan on Monday. According to the unions, the situation is "Unsustainable". "In all the departments, there is a lack of staff and, at the beginning of the holiday period, workers are already exhausted. In January, the Syndicat of the Common Front had informed that the current level of staff would not be enough to it's summer. "

As a reminder, the labor unions (ACV Puls, ACLVB and BBTK) and the management of the Swissport handling company, the airport in Brussels, met around the table on Friday, while the Staff representatives denounce a lack of staff and, therefore, require a recruitment plan as quickly as possible. However, they say they have been constructive to ensure that passengers are not penalized. "The management has promised to increase the number of the next weekend, but there are no guarantees for the rest of the summer"

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