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Todd Howard recognizes that the development of Fallout 76 was complicated


But man also trusts in the future of the game.

Todd Howard: a name well known to the players. It must be said that the man became known to make boxes on the titles of Bethesda, a company of which he is an executive producer. And the last game of the studio will have done ink, as it is Fallout 76. A game that has aroused the outrage of the players is faced with an almost empty world, many errors and other problems recurring Since then, Fallout 76 has been trying to bring as many patches as possible to make the game more valuable for the community. At an PAX East 2019 conference, Todd Howard acknowledged that the development of the title had been complicated.

Todd Howard acknowledges the errors, but does not renounce Fallout 76

Todd Howard is confident in the future of Fallout 76. It must be said that many games have been able to bounce after several patches and patches, Rainbow Six Siege or No Man's Sky, which are perfect examples. The man promises improvements, recognizing that the development of Fallout 76 was complicated.

We knew that the development was going to experience turbulence, there were some, others more complicated than expected. It was a new and different project. We continue to create more traditional games, what I call "Bethesda Games". But here, to be honest, we had difficulties during the development. The study had to be expanded and now we are four in Rockville, Austin, Dallas and Montreal. The game has asked many people through these four sites. We knew that the launch would only be the beginning. We are excited because the game has gone well. Our player base is great, millions, and we receive returns.

Todd Howard also talks about ideas in discussion, considered "great."

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