Tuesday , May 11 2021

trade unions and management talked about toxic fumes in the flight

According to VTM, contaminated air was released in cabins during two recent years, a phenomenon called "fume event" in English. During one of these episodes, pilots had to put their oxygen mask on the landing.

"We had to press the pedal to put this topic on the agenda, but the result is that the management today played a card on the table, almost an example"Paul Buekenhout says.

At the meeting, there were talk of existing procedures when such an incident, potentially harmful to health, took place. A clear communication will be sent to the staff to be able to react.

A spokeswoman for Brussels Airlines confirmed to Belga that the topic was discussed at CPPT constructive atmosphere".

The Belgian Cockpit Association (BeCA) recently sent an open letter to Federal Minister of Public Health Maggie De Block for a standardized medical protocol in the case of "smoke of the eventWho is suspected of causing health problems called "aerobic syndrome ".

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