Monday , August 8 2022

Turning the situation into Grez-Doiceau: Former Burger Coster Bauchau returned to the opposition?



Ecola finally focused on the Alain Clabots list, but nothing is played.

While the Greens signed a majority agreement with the communal union Sibille Coster-Bauchau and the team Victor Pirot, the general assembly has just decided … do not decide anything! It is clear that the current agreement is not interrupted and does not exclude Sibille Coster-Bauchau renewal of the mayor, but Ecolo still wants to go around the table to see what can be done, strong, in matters of the environment …

Find out who will be able to do it even if it's common in Grez-Doiceau where the fight of petals and ego is too often taken, it is still necessary to be surprised!

Laurent Francis (Ecolo) said: "Nothing has been done, we will seek the best possible solutions before the beginning of the 6 years of the majority that should focus on major changes in our society. The pact that has not been broken on the table, we are looking for the best way to we bring this with all the necessary qualities. It can go through the competition.

Of course, on the side with You and Defi, we are busy and we start dreaming about a possible majority of up to three. However, on the Ecola site, it is still specified that "the majority will be greater than 13 to 12, that there have been some interesting advances, but we expect strong gestures and breaks, definitive partner proposals, before you decide …"

A little official reaction from the Communist League and the team. However, from reliable sources, it is being returned to us that many concessions have already been given to the Greens by the pressure of the part of the population and Avec Vousa, from the evening of the election. Where does it block? Details, as well as the current chief of staff, a function that already existed in the Clabots era, even if the employee who was then in office did not officially do …

Social housing, where Ecologo wants a significant increase in supplies, but also ecologically. In short, who will prostrate the most from the Communal Alliance and the team, or with you and Defi, so that Ekolo believes that his obvious radical will in terms of the environment will conquer the cup … In the next days, negotiations can be seen to multiply. And bad for the credibility of politics in the eyes of citizens.

Ecolo Edition:

Ekolo Grez-Doiceau, a meeting at the General Assembly on November 6 and 11, considered that the draft majority agreement, resulting from discussions with the Communal Alliance and the team, did not provide sufficient guarantees in order to be able to implement urgent and substantial changes in the municipal policy of Greece , with regard to environmental challenges, social justice, citizen participation and governance.

In these circumstances, although they acknowledge that the proposals are real, Ecol members consider it a strong majority, that the conditions are not met in order for the ecological party guarantor to pass the majority program that was delivered to him.

The General Assembly expressed its wish to study other proposals by opening a search for an ambitious consensus, which could lead to the election of the newly elected Municipal Council on December 3rd.

This decision does not definitely reject the current draft majority agreement signed between the Federal Commune, the team and the ECOLO on the eve of the election night.

The General Assembly thanked its negotiators for the efforts they made to build a credible program of the majority and to respond in a very transparent manner to numerous arrests of citizens.

On Monday morning, November 12th, Ekolo informed all political groups of the Gresians about the outcome of their General Assemblies.

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