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"Vegetarian diet is not natural" · gourmandiz


The expert from the Faculty of Gemblouk explains that this regime can affect the biodiversity and fertility of the land.
Vegetarian diet, which excludes any animal protein, attracts more and more people, motivated mainly by environmental or animal arguments.
According to several experts, this way of feeding would be much less good than it seems. That's what Jerome Bindelle, a professor at the Gemblouk Agronomy School, believes.
Is it natural without animal proteins?
"If you are a vegan, you can not eat naturally, no human culture is vegan, on the other hand, there are vegetarian cultures." There are groups in India that consume milk only, for example, why there is no vegan culture, just because it is deadly. can survive without consuming animal proteins.To complement, you need to take pills, dietary supplements including vitamin B12, located only there.It is also in beer, but not enough.Vegetarian nutrition does not allow you to live near nature. "
If everyone opts for vegan diet, training will disappear. What would be the consequences of the disappearance of livestock on biodiversity?
"If the disappearance disappears, the landscapes will change, is it good for me?" I do not know Agriculture is shaping the landscape around the world. "If you take away livestock, that means the end of lawns and a whole range of biodiversity, so that there are regulations in the European Union that require farmers to maintain pasture, which are less profitable than potato fields. "
What are the consequences of livestock?
"When you develop a field, soil is impoverishing the soil permanently. Reserves of potassium, phosphorus, etc. are exhausted and animals can bring these nutrients back into the soil. Organic matter plays an important role, and the return of mushrooms will help to keep water in the soil better. For example, in intensive agriculture, pigs are fed with soybean foods imported from Brazil. Obviously, the density does not return to Brazil after that. We will compensate with fertilizers found in mines instead of adopting an agroecological approach. "
If we are concerned about the environment, what is the best nutrition to be adopted?
Ideally, you should reduce the average amount of meat that is consumed but continue to eat meat Ideally, 12% of the animal protein should be on the board. What is also clear is that we need to favor local and seasonal products, both for meat and for vegetables. "
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