Sunday , May 22 2022

Viannei reveals behind the scenes at NRJ Music Avards


MUSIC – This is not a pretty picture of the NRJ Music Avards, written by singer and composer Viannei on RTL on Sunday, November 18th. And for good reason, according to him, the high mass of popular music that is organized every year on TF1 is a show on which artists really do not play.

"My first TV, I could ask you to play live today is very complicated because I can not afford it," said the singer, ensuring that the NMA "did not play anything, everything is wrong." If he specifies that the singers "really singing, "an interested person complains about the band's" band ".

And go on: "We all made an idea about a reproduction orchestra, but it's a shame because music can never be magical with the orchestra to reproduce." According to Viannei, nothing has been done in this show that would allow artists to express themselves fully in their lives. "So, it's better to be in the platiback-orchestra, because if you play really – because they're not fitted – it will be nourished."

Other disadvantages that tend to disturb the singer: the behavior of some artists who "stand" in boxes for a better hour. "There are some who fight for this, but seriously, "the artist discovers, the reasons for which Viannei does not care so much, who explains that they have come to these programs to" enjoy the moment "without taking the head of the annexes of the story (video below).

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