Thursday , August 11 2022

Victim of the grossophobia and criticized by his team, Amel Bent is not released (photo)


This Saturday, April 13, singer Amel Bent has discovered an explosion of commentaries hating his account on Instagram. On Thursday, he attended the launching party of the "I'm not a rapper" capsule of the Eleven Paris brand in Paris. To attend this event, Amel Bent wore a thick white dress with manga.

"Get Sport, there is no better"

"The stork would be back?", "Put on the sport, there is no better", "It looks like it's sick," say the comments. Fortunately, many fans are present to defend the singer. "Imagine just 2 seconds depending on the impact of your comments on the possibility of being pregnant … If it is not, it bothers you. Always so beautiful, said one of her.

In the story, in his account Instagram, Amel Bent took care to respond to these comments grossophobes. "& # 39;It does not value you & # 39;, & # 39; it makes you bold … So I have to dress up because I think it's thinner in the eyes of people and not like me? Mdr …. Grossophobes there …", writes, accompanied by an honorable saying.

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