Wednesday , May 12 2021

What's the new Michel Polnareff worth?

Michel Polnareff has just released his first single with his new album "Enfin!" who leaves on November 30th. Song is addressed Grandis Pas and is part of the great ballad traditions that Polnareff wrote with shovels in 70's. He was compiled by Michel Polnareff and wrote together with Doriand. Created in the voice form of the piano, in which way I have so much to say, this title talks about the relationship between father and son "unconscious refusal to see this beloved grown up"It was shot and mixed in Los Angeles by Rian Freeland, Grammy Award Winner. The first verse sets the scene."Do not grow up, do not forget. You know. It's not growing, it's already you. You're every centimeter. Like a kilometer. Do not leave time. Make your steps from giants. " A sober and perfectly neat song that is not part of the sessions of kilometers recorded at the ICP Study in Brussels. It's up to you to judge.

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