Friday , September 24 2021

WhatsApp has finally solved one of its most annoying features

Conversations that you have chosen to store on the “archived messages” tab will no longer appear continuously in your conversation stream.

Practical for “cleaning up” the conversation flow of contacts you don’t interact with much, removing moccasins, and keeping more personal conversations away from prying eyes, “archived messages” were, however, a complex feature of ‘use. As a result, every time a contact in an archived conversation sent you a message, the conversation reappeared in the threads, as if nothing had happened, making life especially difficult for organized people.

With the latest software update, Facebook has finally fixed the issue. Archived conversations will stop coming out of the files, even when the user receives a message from one of their contacts located in one of these discussions.

Still, the bad news will show up at the top of the thread. But they will remain very discreet, without any portrayed photos of the people who are placed in the thread appearing, unless you open the archived messages.

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