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who are the best fighters of the Alliance


"Ghosn, c'est fini!" This sentence prêtée à l'Élysée for the presse nationale française does not seem to be confirmed in the faits. Officially, neither the government nor the board of administration of Renault did not bury the employer of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, the lendemain of the spectaculist arrestation to the descent of the South Tarmac plane of the airport Tokyo.

Au contracted by Nissan and Mitsubishi, who took control of their duties as president of their conseils of respective surveillance, Renault, Lui, got ready to go to a collegiate dealership: Carlos Ghosn rests PDG du constructeur automobile français.

Thierry Bolloré, you're against Ghosn

According to who I was prevailed, c'est Thierry Bolloré who assured the execuutive direction of the groupe "disposing ainsi des mêmes pouvoirs that M. Ghosn". Arrived in 2012 in Renault, Breton was used to print last Sunday COO (an anglicism that means number after the CEO, I was respectively Director General and Finance PDG). I was not surprised by the nomination, but Carlos Ghosn has already been able to give you the French government who has had more visibility in the succession of every employer.

Thierry Bolloré is an affluent and affable deed, and I gave you an unbeatable and subtle sense of the distribution, managing the semantic tournaments avec brio et elégance. A «vieille France» show? Not sure … Ce Quimpérois, 54 years of age, are the main attempts of serduction. They are eloquution, they are sourire et sa lentance passent partout: with the syndicates, for the agreements of compétitivité, in Iran, pour new agreements with the local partner, together with the journalists, but a Carlos Ghosn froid et inaccessible.

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Thierry Bolloré, I'm also a hometown of dossiers au parcours brillant, totally converted to the métissage des cultures industrielles dont the Renault-Nissan Alliance I want to pointe. I'm here to put the start of the deployment of the Carlos Ghosn strategy, "Drive the Future", and you will not cause an opioid rupture from the bottom of the bottom of the dock. But the diplomacy of Thierry Bolloré pourrait is not enough to face the difficult negotiations promised by Nissan, I am a landlord, Hiroto Saikawa.

Hiroto Saikawa, alias "Brutus"

Celui that the French presse appeals to dissuade Brutus est, in few heures, leave the shade of the Imperator pour se placer au center du jeu. Introned Pdg of Nissan by Carlos Ghosn in 2017, the man of 65 years is getting rich on a relentless requisition to the place of Carlos Ghosn, of which more than they are cadet. After taking over the griefs from internal investigations, Hiroto Saikawa dénonce him "What is dark in the era of Carlos Ghosn". Il has been told "Extrêmement choque" I'll take the consequences for the future:

"That is a problem that both authority and authority was accorded to a person (…) In the future, new new devons assured no new ones to support an individual in particular."

Hiroto Saikawa to décapité Carlos Ghosn in direct, without any other form of process.

Jusqu'ici, pourtant, the man was the point of becoming a pure partisan of the culture of the Alliance. Arrived in 1977 at Nissan, and in 1999, Louis Schweitzer made Renault in the capital of Nissan, and Carlos Ghosn told a commando pour redresser l'entreprise. Hiroto Saikawa ignores the direction of achievement, a point saillant des synergies between the automobile deux groups. In 2003, he joined the Nissan direction as Vice President. The gravitated ensuite chaque échelon before becoming the COO of Carlos Ghosn in 2014, the antichambre de l'exécutive direction.

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Sa nomination as a Japanese automobile employer is being made in a context of fragilization of the Alliance. In May 2015, lorsque l'État français decides to monter in the capital of Renault, Nissan reacted epidemially requires a re-balancing of the Alliance. A year later, Hiroto Saikawa set the Nissan PDG place as if Carlos Ghosn was trying to get Cesar who apprehended Cesar to "reappoint" the management of Nissan, discomforts to the south cranium are identical. I get scolded at the French State.

L'État français, meilleur ennemi de Ghosn

Last year, he is the star of this global decline. Il pourrait même avoir hè le meilleur ennemi by Carlos Ghosn. Le franco-brésilien-libanais has a cache of merit and forgiveness, as well as being able to publish, pourtant premier actionnaire by Renault (15% of the capital). Selon lui, the political considerations of different governance freinate their plans of rationalization industrielle, and I will not be able to account for the État de promesses d'embbauches. Au fil des gouvernements, Carlos Ghosn bataillait sans cesse pour répondre à l'éternelle et très politicienne question: "Does Renault get you racketefinitively Nissan?". The politicians were obsessed by a fusion that fueled the credit of a French industrialist triumphant politician, he made it saboteate the efforts of Carlos Ghosn de miné the susceptibility nationalist Japanese.

Pour Hiroto Saikawa, the old women of the French State are unacceptable, while Paris estimates that he will be working closely with the Alliance for a fusion. Of this reciprocal mistrust this is a misunderstanding that has been made freelance … Au-delà des affaires courantes, Thierry Bolloré's score is about to dissapear such a bombe avant-explosion. Gageons that sa diplomatic, where the authority of Carlos Ghosn was enough, I'll be back in the Alliance, plus you, for Renault …

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