Sunday , October 2 2022

"Who wants to win millions?": The first Camille Combal interrupted by a question problem


The scene took place during the recording of the show that was broadcast on January 26.

It is no longer a secret: Camille Combal will occupy the site of Jean-Pierre Foucault at the hostess's headquarters. The French animator goes out of his place, it's his choice and, above all, it is his last word. This Saturday afternoon, at 9 pm TF1, Jean-Pierre Foucault will present his latest "Who wants to win millions? And will pass the baton to the new star of the French channel, Camille Combal.

In addition, the young host will present his first single on January 26. And the least we can say is that its beginnings were a bit shaken. The show has already been recorded and TV Star, behind the scenes, could attend a comic scene and another unpublished band, as BFMTV noted.

Camille Combal faces a problem

In front of Camille Combal, a duet formed by Malik Bentalha and Commander Jérôme. Both comedians answer and chain the questions. " The game is over Then keep in mind the TV Star. Then, production disembarks and interrupted the program, according to the Télé Star website. One of the questions could admit two good answers. And this changes the situation since " It was validated with a single correct answer during the filming ".

Results of the races: the two comedians are asked to resign from the earnings obtained and to reset to the corresponding level to the so-called problem question. The Bentalha-Commander tandem could return to the eventual million. An unusual situation and the first in 18 years of broadcast. Even so, we do not know, for now, whether the sequence in question will be transmitted by TF1. Or, if the channel, with all transparency, explains the game to viewers in front of their small screen to examine the first steps of Camille Combal.

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