Tuesday , March 2 2021

Why are there people who are always hungry?

It's a common phenomenon: we have just finished the plate already, our stomach seems to claim to eat. Next, we give to the premature lie. Researchers at the Catholic University of Louvain have discovered that people with overweight do not feel satiated due to the decrease in the activity of an intestinal enzyme, as reported yesterday RTL.

The researchers performed the mouse experiment to see the effects of this enzyme in the human body. They discovered that mice that no longer had the enzyme, called NAPE-PLD, in the intestine developed a fatty liver. "If we expose these mice (without this enzyme) to a diet high in fat, they can not stop eating fatty foods and, therefore, eat more than normal mice that receive the same fatty foods"explain the researchers As a result, when mice do not already have this enzyme, they become obese and spend less energy.

No feeling of satiety

It is the same thing that happens in human beings. When our metabolism works correctly, when we eat, this famous enzyme gives our brain a signal to stop eating. But when it does not work well, the intestine no longer sends any signal to the brain and, therefore, overweight people continue to consume.

In Belgium, one in five Belgians suffers from obesity. The results of this study provide new ideas about the treatment of obesity. The researchers found that administering the Akkermansia bacterium in mice allowed regulating the effect of this enzyme in the brain.

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