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Why is Iris Mittenaere always dancing at the beginning of the performance?


Iris Mittenaere always goes first to the floor Dance with the stars ! And this bonus on Thursday, November 8, is no exception to the rules. Does she choose her passing order?

From the beginning of the competition Dance with the stars, Iris Mittenaere and his partner Anthony Colette they always danced first or the other. On Thursday, November 8th (but why?) On the occasion of a special bonus Michael JacksonMiss Universe will again be the first to start on the dance floor. Do people have words in their preference for passing? Iris Mittenaere decides to go first? We asked Anthony Colette and the production.

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This is not the choice of beauty queen, as her dancer explains: "every time we find out the day of the bonus in which order we will spend. I've never had any reason. No, I would not like to go first. But that's right, it's the game we're dealing with "Indeed, for the first time it does not necessarily have the advantage of a dancer:"I do not like to go first because you have to hurry to change. We have 1 minute 30 but it's stressful. The second position is good because we have time to change. When you're finished, you can enjoy the program and see all the other dancing friends."

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But, how is the order of couples going to be established? There are several criteria, as explains the production. First of all, the show must be rhythmic! Samba, tango, contemporary: dance styles are changing. After a waltz, usually a more dynamic dance like jive or hi-het. The production also ensures that the show is always always open with a holiday tone for setting tones!

Yes, and I read it

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