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Why love makes you drunk


Oxytocin is the hormone of love. It is said to be the hormone of the marital link, trust and adhesion. But what does it really do? It is a peptide hormone produced by the hypothalamus and secreted by the posterior pituitary gland. Thus it is released to the body from the first union, then its rate would increase in the body when trust There is a couple. Of course, it is also the hormone pleasure since it is freed during kisses, orgasm and every moment in two in general.

It is a hormone that has been studied a lot, since oxytocin is also related to the birth (perhaps to create the relationship between the mother and the child). The latest research has shown that oxytocin would have the same effect … that alcohol! This is the conclusion of an article published in Neurosciences and reviews of biological behavior.

Alcohol and oxytocin eliminate fear and stress

To analyze the similarities between alcohol and the hormone of love, researchers at the University of Birmingham compared the existing studies on oxytocin and alcohol. Ian Mittchell, the lead author of the article, explains this approach: "We believe that it is an area that is worth exploring, so we gathered existing research on the effects of oxytocin and oxytocin. Alcohol and we were beaten by incredible similarities between the two compounds ".

Result? This analysis has shown that the similarities between alcohol and oxytocin are related to actions similar to the brain, as explained by Ian Mittchell: "It seems that they are directed to different receptors in the brain, but they cause joint actions on the brain transmission of GABA to the brain, prefrontal cortex and limbic structures. These neuronal circuits control how we perceive stress or anxietyespecially in stressful situations, such as interviews or appointments. "Studies have shown that the intranasal administration of this hormone is associated with greater generosity and confidence, reduced our fear.

A hormone that changes our behavior

Therefore, oxytocin would have the same effects as alcohol: it fosters social behaviors such as altruism, generosity and empathy, and allows us to trust others. That's why, just like alcohol, love can make us do things we never thought we would do. But the hormone also has its dark side: like alcohol, it can make us adopt aggressive behavior in situations that do not deserve and incite us to anger. The interest of this studio? Oxytocin may be a solution to treat certain diseases such as depression … if you are well monitored medically.

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