Sunday , May 22 2022

Yellow waistcoats Felui and Tertre: blockade will resume on Monday (PHOTOS)



Hundreds of people were present at Felly on Sunday night.

In their yellow vests, citizens still block in the morning on the site Total Felui and the Hainaut Tanking Tertre Center. The movement, which started from Thursday to Friday, should end this week.

Demonstrators do not fight and want to hear absolutely. "I slept about ten o'clock in the evening", confessed on Sunday afternoon Philippe, one of the citizens who was present in front of the Felui refinery network. "But it must move, if the government does not want to listen to us, we go to the end, and if it is not a blockade, it will be something else. They know our demands so we wait for their reaction."

These citizens, who were still present in Felipe this week, protested the rising fuel prices, but also against various government measures. "Our goal is that the government responds"Philippe continues. "More and more citizens are trying to end their month as politicians earn money, and they are politicians who are taking measures to save money.

In particular, these yellow vests block the location of trucks from transporting fuel so they can not complement the different gas stations in the region. "We only allow trucks carrying a fuel oil. We will not stop people from getting hot and what we want to block trucks from large companies, because every liter of fuel that is not sold is money that does not go to the state through taxes."

But what are the real consequences of this action? Gas pumps in that area have significant reserves. Therefore, direct impact for the time being is not sufficiently quantified. However, several stations in Hainaut already suffer from lack of supply. Alternatives, including from overseas or railways installed at a refinery location, should be downloaded.

Police could behave on Monday

Demonstrators are totally pacifists. Around the scar, they talk to each other in order to pass the time while blocking the entrances. "Everything is happening in a very quiet climate", commented Mayor of Seneffe Benedicte Survey (MR). "There is no traffic barrier, from time to time slowing down vehicles to distribute leaflets, but that's all."

Haute Senne Police was present on Friday and Saturday to avoid possible overflows. This week, noting the pacificism, the police were no longer present. But how long will it take? "For now, there is no decision to leave them"in any case, ensures bourgmesters. "But on Monday morning, we will make a new point with the police and Total management in line with the evolution of the situation."

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