Thursday , February 25 2021

Yunus Akgün on the road to Anderlecht, reports from the Turkish press: latest transfers

This Wednesday, the followers of Galatasaray are formal: the transfer of Yunus Akgün (18), one of the best talents of Turkish football, because Anderlecht would be about to be finished. The violet offer would have been accepted by the Istanbul club, a supply estimated by some sources to 5 million euros, to 3.5 million.

A significant percentage of the resale in any case would have been negotiated by the gala. Akgün is a midfielder or attacking attacker, versatile and very promising. Pure production of the Galatasaray school does not have much time playing in the league this season because of its small age, but it has shone sharply in the Cup (4 goals in 4 games).

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