Thursday , July 7 2022

A serious accident leaves children and adults dead at BR-381 this morning


A serious accident between a school bus and a car left four people dead on BR-381, in the vicinity of Sabara, on Thursday morning in the morning of Thursday morning in the town of Belo Horizonte (9). According to the Federal Police Highway (PM), two children and two adults are deadly among the victims.

According to the PRF, the third child was injured and was taken to the Joao KSKSIII hospital, in the Center-South region in the capital. All the victims were in the car. The accident happened near the Cotoches factory in the Ravenna district. The smaller vehicle would leave the runway and hit the bus.

Traffic on the site is partially interrupted, and drivers travel to the stop plan and follow.

Another misfortune

Earlier, about 4 hours, the second accident was registered at KM 440 from BR-381, also in Sabara. The car and truck collapsed. Two people died and a third was injured. The surviving victim was taken to John KSKSIII Hospital.

Roberth Costa

Roberth Costa is an advertiser, reporter and editor in Bhaz.

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