Wednesday , May 12 2021

A stroke recovery, Arlindo Cruz restarts his mouth.

Good news for fans of Arlindo Cruz! In an interview with Ritmo Brasil, pagodeiro's son Arlindinho discovered a great achievement in the recovery of the star, which was the victim of a stroke. According to musicians, his father would re-enter his mouth.

Thousands of fans are waiting for news on the health of the samba daily. In order to provide more detailed information to friends and followers, he said:

"The doctor canceled the phone, he said that he would not be able to speak or speak again, and he canceled it. My mother refused:" He will speak again, that he will open his mouth, he will eat. "Then, 20 days ago he returned to his mouth and the doctor apologized. "

Without plans for the future, he commented on his father's poems: "Everything he could do for himself and think about everyone, he has already done it. Now he is live, enjoying for him, seeing that his works are re-recorded and unpublished by other artists. Everything he did will not die, but will be eternal, and I think he now realizes again that Samba loves him and that he is an incredible artist. "

After more than a year in the hospital, due to the stroke, Arlindo was fired from the hospital in July of that year and is at home in Rio de Janeiro, with his family. He is an artist in the treatment of home care.

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