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Band and "Panic" are convicted to pay 300,000 thousand Luana Piovani – 06/11/2013


The judge in Sao Paulo has condemned TV Bandeirantes, as well as former members of the late panic program Rodrigo Scarpa (Vesgo, humorist), Alan Rapp (former director), Marcelo Picon (Bolinha, former producer) and Emilio Surit) to pay compensation of $ 300,000 actress Luani Piovani for moral damage. The decision was made by the 1st Civil Court in Pinheiro, in Sao Paolo, and still complained.

The case of Luane refers to the episode in 2014, when the actresses approached the program while walking on the beach with her husband Pedro Scooby. In action, she claimed that the extinct attraction showed "journalistic material with the intention of insulting and humiliating him" and that "without authorization, they used pictures of the author on the beach at the time of free time and privacy."

The actress also claimed that the program called her "piranha" and gave testimony from people who spoke badly to her.

"Bandeirantes did not make any agreement with the author to make him the main attraction of a television image that lasted for several minutes, and so the Panic program in the band did with several personalities, including the promotion of public restrictions in relation to those who refuse to participate actively in stories, "says the sentence.

At that time, worried by the situation, Luana came into social networks, calling him comedies "lazarentos", for which Emilio and Vesgo also filed a lawsuit for moral harm against the actress.

However, the First Civil Court also realized that the acts of the comedian were unfounded, because they realized that the reaction of the actress did not escape the boundaries of the person who was angry in the situation.

He was looking for Luan's attorney Ricardo Bryterman, who defended other prominent figures in lawsuits against Panic, emphasized that the program was commercially used for the image of an artist without a license.

"Despite numerous condemnations, the program continued in its crude style, which has nothing to do with journalism, always commercially uses the image of well-known people, not to penetrate them."

The band did not show up until this text was published. If desired, Emilio Surita also did not respond to attempts to contact UOL.

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