Sunday , April 11 2021

BBB19: "Danrley does nothing here, do not even have a good day," fires Diego

After Hariany was named by Alan for triple berlinda on Thursday night (31), Diego recalled the discord game in which Danrley defined the fashion student as "useless and influential."

Danrley does nothing, dance to parties, that is, do not rent a dish, do not cook anything, do nothing, do not even talk to me, it's just a nice day. "Diego complained." Yes, but nobody votes on him because he is humble, "Paula stung.

Diego said that Danrley does not deserve any kind of consideration for his story out of confinement: "There is nothing to do, if I have to vote for him, if it's his turn, I'll play … Each has a story of life, it matters little. "

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