Monday , September 26 2022

BBB19: Tereza discusses Rodrigo's snoring and shoots: "My marriage ended assim"


After the live show on this fifth fair (17), Tereza caused discomfort among the brothers when they talked about the dividing of the rooms. The sister complained about Rodrigo's snoring and said her marriage ended this reason.

"One of the reasons for my marriage to have finished was my husband's snoring, then I know what I'm talking about. I think we have to divide the right for everyone to be able to sleep. I'm not afraid, I think we have to take the rooms again, besides the beds, "commented Tereza. Rodrigo, visibly uncomfortable, got silent, and followed me, just as if he had not disrespected the final decision.

"I just do not want that despite being a subject for me not to be constrained," explained the Carioca. The brothers also questioned whether Gustavo had stopped snoring and the doctor ironized: "Olha, the great fear is no good, I'm not sure, we will see."

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