Sunday , October 2 2022

BBB19: "This hypothesis no longer exists," says Maycon to stay with Isabella


Participants Isabella and Maycon had a long history this afternoon (19). After the sister commented that the cheese seller acted strangely, it was the turn of the brother to clarify that there is no longer the possibility of interacting romantically with potiguar.

"I do not want anything to achieve what exists, regardless of whether we have something or not." "What is there today is so great, I did not want it to change and today you have awoken someone else. Before doing anything, the blonde began.

"This hypothesis of doing something, for me, no longer exists. It could be that there was, but there is no longer anymore," said Maycon. "And why are you not going to change?" Isabella asked. "I have not changed today, today I have not changed, I have not changed today, today everything is very bad, I took it yesterday and I do a little, I will pause," explained the miner.

The brother also talked about the relationship between Isabel and Diego: "Sometimes his friendship with him wants to turn another thing and I get on the way." "At no time did I say:" I want to be with Diego "or" I want to be with Maycon. "I have not explained to anyone," he replied.

"You had doubts between me and him," said the cheese seller. "I had no doubt, they are people with whom I can relate, looking at the stereotype," said Isabella. "But only if you have this doubt, it is not good enough for me," concluded Maycon.

The participant is still over: "I will no longer play with you, because my game can begin to feel like I do not want to start."

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