Monday , October 18 2021

BBQ charmer: Maycon leads or ranking | bbb house


In the distribution of coronations, he emphasized for Hana that he received 1 coração by Gustavo and Tereza. Já the sister gave 3 for the doctor and 2 for the psychoanalyst. Hana gave 4 couragees to friend Hariany, who gave 5 to Carioca. Rízia distributed 5 cozões for all participants of the BBB19. And, as Tereza gave 1 coronation to Rodrigo, the social scientist gave 5 to the brigand.

Everyone from the Heartwarming, all manholes, the brothers entered the Confessional to do the X-Ray. This Sunday, 27/1, the confiners will talk about Paredão's training and also about the visit of Paulo Gustavo e Monica Martelli.

Confirm how the notes came this Sunday, 27/1:

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