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Before the second imprisonment, Joeslei provided more than 30 testimonies in eight months


The most famous Brazilian author, billionaire Joesley Batista, is one of those JBS, tried to implement a discreet routine as he was allowed to leave the prison in March this year after spending six months in jail. Joeslei was again closed by the Federal Police this Friday, 9th in the Operation Capitol.

Unlocked life, as sources close to the entrepreneur, State days, was partly a consequence of the restrictions imposed on justice. To answer freely, he was banned from taking part in the management of his main companies and traveling abroad.

Routine also arose out of fear of people's reaction if they were going through busy restaurants and events in the Sao Paulo society – Brother Wesley was harassed by paulistana churrascaria while lunching with children and grandchildren.

In an electronic bracelet for bracelets, Jesse spent most of his time in his home in Jardim Europa, where he is a neighbor of his parents and Wesley. The businessman avoided appearing in the J & F and JBS headquarters for fear that his presence would be interpreted as a violation of the requirements of justice. I often visited the Institute of Germinare, the social arm of J & F.

With a judicial restriction on overseas travel and the need to demonstrate financial austerity and seemingly simpler habits, Joeslei set up his apartment in New York – already found by the customer – his home in the seaside resort of Angra dos Reis and his yacht, which are still interested. Always a businessman with his family turned to one of his farms, according to a source close to him. His wife, former TV host Ticiana Villas Boas, is pregnant with another child for two and Joesley's fifth, who has three more people since her first marriage.

Delacao. The businessman was constantly busy with the processes that arose due to his giving. Overall, in several countries, more than a hundred inquires have been opened from information about their rewarded cooperation. There were documents for collection and testimony. Since March, when he left the prison, in several cities there were at least 30 testimonies, including Belo Horizonte, Brazil, according to a defense survey.

The obligations from the contract took so long that Joeslei joked with delegates who testified that he had become a regular Federal Police officer.

Without work, he left the decision of the conglomerates who together with Veslei played with other family members. The holding company of the J & F conglomerate, chaired by him, was now run by his nephew, Jose Antonio Batista.

The group that has managed to promote financial restructuring after the crisis caused by the expansion of the benefits of sibling, continues to face difficulties. She recently entered into a corporate dispute with a multinational Paper Ekcellence, which signed an agreement to buy pulp manufacturer Eldorado.

Unexpectedly. The prison captured Jessley and his family by surprise. The businessman is preparing to travel to Brazil next Monday, 12th in a testimony of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), a step he considered important for defending the maintenance of his agreement. He planned to spend a weekend leaning over the object and collecting documents. He made calculations about the next steps, but he thought he would have to return to prison eight months later.

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