Thursday , January 28 2021

BH’s single bet gets a premium of R $ 4.3 million

Lotofácil awarded a bet of Belo Horizonte – MG who obtained the 15 scores of the 2130 competition, held tonight (12), in São Paulo. The winning numbers were 03-04-06-07-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-18-20-23. According to Caixa, the winner will receive a prize of R $ 4,352,218.76.

Aside from the main prize, Lotofácil had 320 bets that had 14 successes, a category whose prize is variable. In this drawing, each earned R $ 1,901.58.

With a total collection of R $ 25,952,545.00, Caixa also awarded 12,834 bets with 13 successes, 171,546 with 12 successes and 906,657 with 11 successes.

Tomorrow (13), Caixa will hold the 2131 tender for Lotofácil. It will be broadcast live on the Internet via the Caixa YouTube channel. The prize is estimated at R $ 0.00.

How to participate in the next Lotofácil draw?

You can place your bet in Lotofácil up to one hour before the draw at accredited lottery stores and on the official Caixa website. That is, it is possible to register your game until tomorrow at 7 p.m. There are 25 numbers available and bets are placed on 15 to 20 dozen chosen games. Now the smallest bet costs R $ 2.50, while the most expensive one reaches over R $ 38.7 thousand. You can also use “Surprise” to let the system choose the numbers for you.

What are the chances of winning the Lotofácil prize?

With the minimum bet (R $ 2.50), playing 15 tens, the chance of hitting them all is one of almost 3.3 million. Playing with a dozen more, the value of the game rises to $ 40, but the odds increase: they become one of just over 204 thousand. Whoever bets on 20 numbers increases the chance of winning one out of every 211. Lotofácil also has prizes for those who get 14, 13, 12 and 11 points. With the lowest bet, the chance of winning at least the $ 5 prize is one in 11.

How do you draw Lotofácil?

Lotofácil also has a prize available for group bets. The minimum price charged by Caixa in this mode is R $ 10 and the shares of each participant must start from R $ 3. In bets with 15 numbers, the number of shares allowed varies between two and eight. With 20 tens, up to 100 quotas will be allowed. It is possible to make up to ten bets per pot between 15 and 18 tens. At 19, the number drops to six. Playing 20 numbers, only one bet is allowed.

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