Wednesday , October 5 2022

Bolsonaro and Congress – Politics


Jair Bolsonaro said he wants to become neutral on the issue, following a meeting Wednesday with deputy Rodrigo Maio (DEM-RJ), who is seeking the support of the elected president to re-elect the mayor. He reminded that there are other candidates who join the House, they are all "very good," according to an interview for TV Record the same day.

Many people realized that Bolsonaro, when speaking about the existence of other "very good" candidates, wanted to say to Rodrigo Maia, though in other words. Perhaps that's not exactly it. He may be interested in earnings. The elected president was not taken over by four deputies belonging to his base either because of the PSL or because they accepted Bolsonaro's candidacy, they were already running for the Presidency of the Council: -GO), Captain Augusto (PR-SP) and Alceu Moreira (MDB-RS).

As already mentioned, there is the candidacy of Rodrigo Maia, and the sixth, candidacy of the Vice-President Fabio Ramalho (MDB-MG).

Bolsonaro takes over the Presidency of the Republic after 27 years and 11 months as deputy. During that time, he understood enough how the mechanisms of the Congress functioned. Sam Bolsonaro, who pleaded himself as a militant of a lower priesthood and never took over the leadership of any committee, a function his colleagues fought even from the koske, has already become a candidate for the presidency of the Council. His sole intention was to disrupt the election of the PT deputy in the suppression of the dispute. That's who he reveals himself.

The captain of a retired soldier knows that the division of candidacy prevents the appointment of a new representative of a particular group. So, since four of his allies went to the battle, and only one belongs to the PSL, at that moment the best thing is to announce neutrality. Even because the deputy of Valdir already said that if the PSL order orders him to withdraw, he will not listen. You will run the application in a special way. As for the others, the maximum Bolsonaro can do is to ask them to give up their dispute because they belong to parties that are theoretically at least beyond the reach of the president's orders, even though they are allies.

With a division in the Bolsonaro base, Rodrigo Maia and Fabio Ramalho have opened space for their candidacies. Maia is well accepted in PT and at the centers of the left. If they agree with the current mayor and give up their candidacy, they will make Maia very competitive.

Outside, there is a danger to Bolsonaro, headed by deputy Fabio Ramalho. Fabinho, as vice-president of the municipality, is the one who understands today a lower priesthood. He's working hard. Bet on the base of the government base to continue. And he even risked the presumption: "I am the next mayor." Ramalho usually upset the tenant Plato. President Michel Temer knows how he works.

How much Bolsonaro sold the image of anti-politicians in elections – and what is not, since his 63 years of age 30 in the City Council and in the House of Commons – knows that the President of the Republic can not remain neutral in the dispute over the Presidency of the House. And the Presidency of the Senate. But in this, at least for now, we do not see division in the basis of a future government. And Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), who sees his return to office, seems to be willing to negotiate.

Dilma Rousseff wanted to be neutral in the race for the presidency of the Council in 2015, even though he knew that Eduardo Cunha (MDB-RJ) was a favorite and would be an enemy to him. Ten months after taking over the House, Cunha accepted Dilma's request for refusal.

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