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Borel Skirt Bag? The singer's advice is manifested after controversy

Negel Borel
The agreement of Borel has become the subject of a new controversy (Image: Play / Instagram)

You have assigned a fake profile Negel Borel Facebook shared a funkeiro shirt-free photo and wore a skirt. The image was published last Friday (25).

The Borel Tube Business advised the "Extra" newspaper that the singer does not have a private account on Facebook and much less was the author of the publication in a private group.

With the business name Baptism, Leno Maycon, the profile of seeds not only appeared on the skirt, but also stated that it was "day to become one of you"Part of the title.

"Good morning, Borelis. Today is Friday, the day I become one of you. Oh, delicious. Ed: as for God, this character I have 10 years ago, so before talking about nightmare in the comments, look for ", wrote the user.

The artist's representative also said that he has already taken the necessary steps to eliminate the false profile of the social network.

See it:

Negel Borel
(Image: Play / Facebook)

Jojo Todynho talks to the public because of the abuses of Borel Nego

Apparently, Anitta was not the only one trying to defend Boo de Boos de Borel in his show. A video shows Jojo Todynho arguing with the fans of the singer how the funeral jokes began.

In the album published on Twitter, it can be seen that Jojo was next to the main party area and was outraged by the situation. It was then when he made a brave face and began to argue with the audience that he was the next.

The artist's attempt could have been beautiful, but it was not very useful, and it ended up being a boon, like Business.

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