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Brazilian exports of soya bean to China may be even greater, says the secretary

Brazil's catfish exports to China can be further increased, according to a Reuters ministry official on Wednesday, as the trade dispute with the United States increases China's demand for a Brazilian product.

Soybeans fed in Sorriso, Mato Grosso, Brazil
REUTERS / Nacho Doce

Soybeans fed in Sorriso, Mato Grosso, Brazil 27/09/2012 REUTERS / Nacho Doce

Photo: Reuters

Odilson Ribeiro e Silva, the secretary for the international relations of agribusiness pulp, traveled to China this month and said he hoped the big demand would open the country's market for Brazilian soybean meal.

Brazil's exports of oil seeds jumped after China imposed a 25 percent rate in the US on July in response to Washington's billions of dollars in Chinese products. Brazil delivered almost 80 percent of soybean exports this year to Brazil, while Agribrasil has sold grain for a record 83 million tonnes.

"It could increase more, but we want it to be not only grain, but also dams," Silva said in an interview with Reuters.

Brazil sent a list of soybean producers in China to approve exports last year, but it's unclear whether it will respond, he said.

China slowed the pace of approval for genetically modified soybeans, he said, but there are no signs of accelerating again.

Some transgenic products approved in Brazil five years ago have not yet been published by China, avoiding the proliferation of productivity and productivity it will bring, Silva said.

During a trade expedition to China and the United Arab Emirates, which ended on November 8, questions were raised about whether the store could suffer under the administration of Jair Bolsonaro, the secretary said.

The new president criticized China's investments in Brazil and upset many Muslim countries on the proposal to move the country's embassy to Israel to Jerusalem, while fears that it will affect the international perception of Brazilian products in its environmental proposals.

Minister of Agriculture Blair Maggi tried to confirm to Chinese and Arabs that farmers supported Bolsonaro, who in turn respected the laws and would not do anything to violate Brazilian trade, Silva said.

In fact, Bolsonaro could use trade by opening up an import economy, which is a necessary step for Brazil's partners to accept more shipments from the country, he said.

Brazil also wants to increase the delivery of beef to China, which is currently the main destination for the export of cattle and chickens. A Chinese delegation arrives in Brazil on Sunday to review the cattle and chicken processing units to allow more units to export to the Asian giant, he added.

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