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C & A reports various job vacancies throughout the country!


Leader of the fashion show market, C & A is proud to have a time of more than 16 thousand people, from north to south of Brazil. Working in the company is to become part of an innovative and fun environment that stimulates professional development in all stages of the race.

"We are a company of people who work for people. We promote a professional environment that certifies the value and the richness of the differences. It's no wonder we've been here for more than forty years in Brazil and we continue to be the preferred fashion wand net among Brazilians. Uma multinational company, but as a Brazilian soul. If you want to work in an assim company, candidate yourself for our vacancies, "informs the company.

C & A was founded in 1841 by Dutch-born Clemens and Augustus. Your initials give origin to the name of the brand. We are pioneers in the preparation of ready-to-wear clothes, and we are among the largest retail chains in the world. "We have more than 1.8 thousand units in 24 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia."

In Brazil, I started in 1976, as the first opening in the Shopping Ibirapuera, in São Paulo. Of course, from here, little sister changed. The working philosophy, despite continuing the same, informs the company. "Offer the best of fashion for affordable prices".

Hoje já são mais de 270 places in 125 cities and practically 16 thousand professionals employed. "A lot of people, is not it !? And do you know what is the secret of our event? Beyond the constant search for inovation, there is also a constant effort to overcome the expectations of the people and leave a positive legacy. "

In 2014 C & A was the most admired company in Brazil, in the prêmio organized by the magazine Carta Capital, in the category Varejo Têxtil.

We are also among the most awarded brands in the advertising universe, conquering with frequency the leadership of various Top of Mind searches.

The C & A is recognized by bold communication. We are the biggest advertiser of the Brazilian fashion show and we draw in our history several event cases. This is the case of the AbuseUse C & A campaign, starring Sebastian's dancer, and also of the association as girl-propaganda Gisele Bündchen. We also highlight for innovations like the almost Fashion Like and the Powerful Project of Brazil. These initiatives allow us to innovate permanently and be increasingly connected as our customers.

C & A has announced the opening of employment vouchers across the country! Contains the available charges to follow.


The available vouchers are for:

Manager of Loja – Balneário Camboriú / SC;

Senior Systems Analyst – Barueri / SP;

Alocação Analyst (TEMPORARY) – Barueri / SP;

PMO Analyst – Barueri / SP;

Web Designer – Barueri / SP;

Product Analyst – Barueri / SP;

Commercial Solution Analyst – Barueri / SP;

Operator of Loja (Pessoa com Déficiência) – Brasília / DF;

Fashiontronics Leader (Telephony) – Fortaleza / CE;

Visual Merchandising Leader (VM) – Fortaleza / CE;

Manager of Loja – Fortaleza / CE;

Manager of Loja – Londrina / PR;

Estancia Engenharia – Niterói / RJ;

Supervisor of Varejo – Ribeirão Preto / SP;

Leader of Sales / Financial Products – Salvador / BA;

Fashiontronics Leader (Telephony) – Salvador / BA;

Box Leader – Salvador / BA;


Those interested can register and attend one of the waves through the following address: When selecting the desired strike, it is possible to know more about it.

It is worth mentioning that the waves can be filled at any time, without notice, then, if you have interest, register or as soon as possible.

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C & A reports various job vacancies throughout the country!

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