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Caio Junqueira is still in serious condition: "Once again sedated," says friend – 01/19/2019


The actor Caio Junqueira, victim of a car accident on one of the busiest motorways in downtown Rio, Aterro do Flamengo, is hospitalized at the Hospital Miguel Couto, in Gávea. According to the bulletin published by the Municipal Secretary of Health, on Saturday morning (19), the patient's health status remains severe. The family does not authorize the release of more information about the clinical picture of the actor.

O UOL He found that Caio had worsened in the last 24 hours and that intimate friend visits were not yet authorized by the family. The mother, Maria Inês Torres, is the one that accompanies the actor in the hospital. "She and Jonas [Torres, o irmão] they have passed the information and have aggravated a bit and even re-sedated to a stronger level, "said a person close to the actor.

Friends of the actor even asked for donations of blood on social networks. The brother of Jonas Torres, the "Unlimited Armação" of Bacana, was alone in the vehicle when the accident occurred last Wednesday.

The most recent works of Caio Junqueira were in the series "The Mechanism", of Netflix, "One Against All", of Fox Brasil, and "Council Tutelar", exhibited by Universal TV. In the movie, the actor became known as Neto, a battalion of Special Operations (Bope), in "Elite Troop 1".

On television, he performed the soap operas "Miracles de Jesús" (2014), "José do Egito" (2013) and "Ribeirão do Tempo" (2010) and "Tropical Paradise" (2007), among others .

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