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"Cakue is not worth R $ 1, imagine $ 1.5 million?", Nadja detonira – 09.11.2013.


Nadja Pessoa spoke on Thursday (8) of his expulsion from "Fazenda 10" in the "Porchat" program. She confirms that at that time she was not aware that she had attacked Caikue Aguiar.

"I'm sick of expelling because of the progress of the last days," he told me, "because, as always, people do not like to hear the truth. [Lacerda, eliminada na Roça de quinta] They wanted to vote in [Felipe] Sertanejo, but I already agreed with Raphael [Ilha] and Evandro [Santo], so that my voice would be in someone else's mind. They were really upset and friendship ended there. "

The explanation is explained. "Do you know that child thing?" "I was wrong, I was accentuated." I did not even think that I would be expelled, because I did not intend to hurt him, I did not see that I was doing that scene. I did not call it malicious. "He struck the situation, wherever I went into the house, he went after him until he got what he wanted."

Nadja does not blame the station. "It was not unfair for the program, they were correct and coherent, I did not agree with the unwanted rule, but it was not unfair to him, he psychally attacked me mentally, I was in psychological terror. I'm not a man, I'm a child." "Not worth it real, can you imagine 1.5 million dollars? "

Returning to the road in which Ana Paula Renault won, Renault gave her confidence. "She was strong in the house, and from the moment she put everything against me, she became a victim, and when she hit her breast and said," I'll take you away, "she shook her head.


Nadja spoke about the kiss on the face she gave Felipe Sertanejo when she was drunk at the party. "Everybody liked me when I was drinking, but I love it too much, but it's not always." Another 16-year-old Nadya entered. He was very happy, I was joking, I did not intend to be a man and a woman. "

Her husband, D & # 39; Black, commented on the case. "I do not think she came to the top of it, I think she was wrong to give them a chance to talk about what they wanted, they delivered the two of them on the Internet, it disturbed me. But you have to pay attention to your wife, I believed her And I went online to defend it. "

She was an upset hostess by hostess Lucilene Caetano. "He was a liar and a slanderer, and the next day he had no opportunity to talk to me, pretending that nothing was happening, he would normally talk to me." The target is "Panic" Mendigata. "Fernanda is all that does not fit into this world for me."

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