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Celebrate Dance 2018: you know who left this week (18/11)


Was eliminated on Sunday Dance of the Famous 2018 (Reproduction / Rede Globo)

Was eliminated on Sunday Dance of the Famous 2018 (Reproduction / Rede Globo)

A Rede Globo on Sunday (18), another day of Dance of the Famous 2018, which broadcasts the Domingao to Faustao program, shows.

Now in the elimination phase, all or nothing for famous people who sweat on the shirt to test. Famous with the lowest score in the collection of notes by the art and technical jury and the public leave the competition.

The format is the national version of "Strictly Come Dancing", of British origin. Successfully portrayed as a painting by Domingo to Fausta, The Dance of the Famous has been broadcast on Globo since 2005. – Meet the participants this season.

Who left Celebriti Dance 2018? (18/11)

On the Celebrate Dance Sunday (18), Bia Arantes, Danton Mello, Mariana Ferrao, Pamela Tome and Sergio Malheiros and their doubles went to the stage to dance the sound of salsa. This is the second week of famous dance this time – last week, Erik Januza, Leo Jaime, Dani Calabres and Nando Rodrigues performed.

Participants were rated Domingao to Faustao, the audience of the house and artistic jury by Vitoria Strada, Felipe Simas and Joica Pascovitch, as well as a technical jury, founded by Ines Bogea and Marcio Rongetti.

Who left the Dance of the Famous 2018, were Pamela Tome, Sergio Malheiros and Nando Rodrigues, which received the lowest results in a collection of notes and were eliminated.

How was the ranking Dance of the Famous

First place in the ranking, Danton Mello received awards from the jury Marcio Rongetti. "I'm impressed, a dance with a spirit", said Marcio Rongetti, who gave ten actors. Ines Borgea has repeated the note of her colleague of the technical jury of dance known in 2018.

Check the results of the participants Celebrate Dance 2018 after two nights choreography with "salsa" rhythm:

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Ranking of famous dance on 11/18/2018 (Reproduction / Rede Globo)

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