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Cellulite: 4 treatments that dermatologically showed to eliminate fur on the skin


Reduce cellulite is the dream of many people, especially when the summer is approaching! But, as with stretch marks and flaccid skin, dangerous furfixes can be eliminated by various treatments, in addition to anti-cellulite creams, which act as an additive in dermatological treatments. "They have a transient effect and help to improve the appearance of the skin, which is the aspect of orange." The best way to treat is to combine drainage cream or modeling the massage and to select the device and the invasive method, "explains the dermatologist Purepeople. See the best known ones.

1 – Lymphatic drainage

According to dermatologist Adriana Gutstein, lymphatic drainage is one of the oldest treatments for the treatment of cellulite and skin rejuvenation, because it promotes edema reduction. "It can be done with hands, in which case it helps to connect the cream or with devices that perform a changeable negative and positive pressure on the skin," he explains. Generally, anyone can treat cellulite with drainage until there is a physical or clinical limit.

2 – Massage modeling

With strong and powerful movements, modeling massage reaches deeper skin layers, improves the circulation and metabolism of the region, as well as the breakdown of fat cells that cause scary skin in the skin. "Causes a controlled lesion in the fatty cell in order to improve body contour."

3 – Carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy is one of the most modern aesthetic treatments and guarantees results beyond the improvement of cellulite, as a skin that is less flancidic and with smaller shots. "Improves blood flow, lymph circulation and in this way improves fluid retention, tonus, elasticity and swelling, reduces fat accumulation, improves the appearance of orange bark, abdomen, thighs and knees," he explains. In the technique, the carbon gas is injected by means of a machine that regulates the flow of gas through a fine needle in the dermis, which results in a change in pH and subsequent vasodilatation.

4 – Creams help in the fight against cellulite

Anti-cellulite creams do not themselves touch against fur holes, but play a major role in the treatment of the dermatologist. "The most important assets are caffeine, retinol, ginkgo biloba extract and a large number of botanical extracts, because they have an auxiliary function in breaking fat, lymph drainage, stimulating peripheral microcirculation, reducing edema, helping to stimulate collagen and improving elastic fibers."

(Bi Beatriz Doblas)

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