Friday , September 24 2021

China confirms death in country by “Monkey Virus”; the disease is rare and no human transmission is recorded Science and health

China has reported the death of a Beijing veterinarian who contracted a rare primate disease known as monkey virus, reported a report from the “Washington Post” on Monday (19) based on a report released Saturday.

The death, which occurred on May 27, is the first death in the country caused by the disease, which it has no record of human transmission. People who have been with him have been negative on this virus.

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The flood in China leaves passengers trapped in subway cars

The flood in China leaves passengers trapped in subway cars

Monkey virus, or herpes B virus, is common in this type of mammal. Despite this, very rarely do humans become infected. When this happens, however, the disease is severe, with inflammation in the brain. According to the “Publish” report, the lethality of the virus can reach 80%.

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But again, it is a very rare virus in people: There are less than 100 cases recorded in the medical literature since 1932, the year in which the first transmission of this pathogen from a monkey to a man was recorded.

Victims are usually veterinarians or researchers dealing with primates. The victim experienced pain, nausea and vomiting in April, a month after dissecting the dead monkeys. Then, in May, he ended up not resisting and died.

According to experts interviewed by the American newspaper, the Monkey virus is already adapted to primates and would hardly jump to humans to allow transmission between people – unlike what happened to the new coronavirus causing Covid-19.

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