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Coritiba takes the goal to the last minute and loses Criciúma | Football


He escaped to the second consecutive victory of Coritiba Series B at the Brazilian Championship. Irregular and presenting old mistakes made before the Copa America stoppage, the thigh team continued, but took the turn of Criciúma in the last minute, lost by 2 × 1 and # 39 ; opportunity to approach the G4 of the second division. With 12 points and ninth position, Verdão should fall on the table with the round complement and will now have two home games against São Bento and Vila Nova to try to react in the national competition.

The duel against the Paulistas is already on Tuesday following. Even with a long period of preparation, Coritiba did not advance in the first 45 minutes. The opposite. The white-thigh team was dominated by Criciúma for almost the entire first half. Verdão, with problems in the middle of the field, mistreated the direct connections and remained little with the ball in the first half hour of departure.

As well, the Criciúma demonstrated that it is near the zone of reduction. With technical difficulties, Tigre had more possession, but could not create great chances to win. The first good chance came only in 17 minutes, but Vinicius, the former Coritiba, came out after the Kings cross.

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Coritiba, who already had difficulties, became more complicated when the Criciúma marched forward and pressed the exit of the ball. In front of Kings, the head and the side of Marlon, in a free kick, almost did not open the scoreboard for Santa Catarina. Verdão got a free kick in the last 15 minutes only. The first opportunity only reached 32 minutes. Juan Alano left Savio free, T-shirt 2 crossed, but Rodrigão, free in the area, missed the foul.

In the final stretch of the first half, Rafinha, until then clear, entered the game. T-shirt 7, at 35 minutes, presented with Thiago Lopes, suffered strong, the ball deflected and goalkeeper Luiz saved. Even at the end of the first part, in another move by Rafinha to the left, the defense of Santa Catarina failed and Juan Alano, in the face of the goal, suffered goalkeeper Luiz.

The interval chat was good for Coritiba and the first goal only took a minute to go. In a quick counterattack, Rodrigão launched Thiago Lopes, who came out from the box's edge and threw a corner at Derlan to open the scoreboard in Santa Catarina. The Criciú, then, went with everything to look for a tie. At six minutes, Derlan, after a free kick, almost redeemed himself and went in danger.

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The Tiger continued to press, but stopped in the good mark imposed by Coritiba. Vinicius, at the age of nine, made a good move to the left, crossed and Reis went to Wilson's good defense. With so much of an offensive, Criciúma began to give space to his thigh. However, the Alviverde team could not enjoy the spaces. In fact, there was no whim to take advantage of the odds and win.

More from despair, the Criciuma ran around the Coritiba area and managed to enter Coritiba's errors. The tie reached almost 28 minutes. After crossing and failing, Daniel Costa received the entrance of the area, but isolated and lost a good opportunity to score.

In the final part of the game, especially after the interchange of Thiago Lopes by João Vitor, Coritiba retired too much. He ended up attracting the Criciúma to his field and was very pressured. At 31, after the cross, Daniel Costa tried, Julimar went and Wilson saved. But two minutes later there was no way. Léo Gamalho knocked one home from a counterattack down the right wing, making the score 1 – 0 after some excellent moves on the right side were able to reduce the score to 1 –

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This is what he needed to play Coritiba again. The next minute, Juan Alano made a good move, Rodrigão sent a volley and hit the crossbar. Then Juan Alano, with Lucas Tocantins, tried to take the lead and goalkeeper Luiz made a great defense and avoided the second goal of Verdão.

The game warmed up in the end. Coritiba started attacking more and Criciú continued to push. At the last moment, in a survey in the surrounding area, Liel turned aside and marked the final goal.

Chapter 9 – 1st round

Criciúma 2 × 1 Coritiba

Place: Heriberto Hülse stadium (Criciúma-SC)
Referee: Wanderson Alves de Sousa (MG)
Attendees: Sidmar dos Santos Meurer (MG) and Celso Luiz da Silva (MG)
Objectives: Thiago Lopes, 1, Léo Gamalho, 33 of the 2nd; Liel to 49 of 2ºT
Yellow cards: Kings, Wesley (CRI); Juan Alano, Wilson, Vitor Carvalho, Sabino (COR)
Total visitors: 2,489
Income: R $ 44,265.00

Luiz; Marcos Vinícius, Platero, Derlan and Marlon; Liel, Wesley and Eduardo; Reis, Vinicius (Julimar) and Léo Gamalho.
Technique: Gilson Kleina

Wilson; Sávio, Walisson Maia, Sabino and Fabiano; Luiz Henrique, Vitor Carvalho and Thiago Lopes (João Vitor); Juan Alano, Rafinha (Lucas Tocantins) and Rodrigão (Wanderley).
Trainer: Umberto Louzer

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