Monday , March 8 2021

Detran-RJ meets with the legal order and the license fee is reduced to R $ 144

The Rio de Janeiro traffic department (Detran-RJ) is already complying with the judicial determination to suspend the cumulative payment of fees for annual license services and the issuance of the vehicle license registration certificate (CRLV) to the state. As a result, the fee charged fell from R $ 202 to R $ 144. In a note, Detran said the determination was fulfilled yesterday (8).

The note explains that the license fee of R $ 144.68 will continue to be charged, in accordance with article 130 of the Traffic Code of Brazil, as in all States of the Federation. What was suspended was the payment of the issue of the document, for an amount of R $ 57.87.

According to Detran, the subject of the license will be available as of February 4.

Users who already have a fee to pay (GRT) have to pay the license fee, said Detran. "Those who want to recover the emission rate of the document must wait for the final ruling of the action, since only after the claim is filed, the State may reimburse the taxpayers, if this is the judicial determination ", since the Public Prosecutor-General of the State (PGE) has to file with the court to revoke the current judicial order.

According to Detran, the money raised at cost, "in addition to the vehicle inspection services, the agreements between the Civil and Military Police for actions in transit, all the operations of the Seca Law in the state and actions of the State Environmental Institute ".

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