Wednesday , July 6 2022

Feiras Limpa Name Serasa offers discounts of up to 95%


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Cleasa's name Clean Fair started and goes until December 1. From this week consumers can already access the site and get discounts of up to 95% on debts.

Companies such as Ipanema, Tribanco, Porto Seguro, Ita, Claro, Net, Recoveri and Vivo participate in the initiative. The platform allows re-negotiation over the Internet directly with creditors.

When entering the portal, the consumer must register, and then refer to the page listing the rates that can be agreed with the participating companies.

In the previous online version, which was held in November 2017, over a million people negotiated their debts, says Seres. According to the company's data, in September 2018, the number of delinquent consumers in the country reached 61.4 million, which is 1.51% more than in September 2017, when it was 60.5 million.

The debt amount in the ninth month of this year was $ 274.1 billion, with an average of four debt per CPF, in the total amount of $ 4,462.

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