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Felipe appears for Priscilla and impedes the romanticism of Isabel and Alain


Felipe (Patrick Sampaio) will do everything to disrupt the resurgence between Isabel (Alinne Moraes) and Alain (Joao Vicente de Castro) in the "Mirror of Life". The former lover of the villain will appear in the dreams of Priscila (Clara Galinari) and ask her not to allow her mother to approach the director. On the night when Isabel and Alain are almost sexual, Philip looks like Priscilla. "I'm very sad for you, daughter … Very sad!" Says. Priscilla asks what was wrong. "Do not listen to Daddy. Do not let Alen come near you or your mother," says Felipe.

"I'm not, Father … I swear I'm not," she replied responsibly. "Call Mom to sleep with you, do not leave her alone, daughter, call her mother …", insists Felipe. The girl turns and yells at her mother, leaving Isabel mad. "But what does this girl want again?" She asked Isabel Alen. "She is poor, frightened, Isabel, go there … fast," says the director. Isabel changes: "You are right … a little …".

She quickly goes to Priscilla, who keeps her firmly: "Stay with me, please … please … I'm afraid … I'm hungry … stay with me!" "Mom is here … stay calm," Isabel asks. The girl says she wants to stay with her mother, and the criminal insists that her daughter goes to bed. "I'm very hungry … I want to go home," says Priscilla, who is at the farm "tied up" with her parents. "You can not come home now … When we're late," answers Isabel, full of anger.

Patrick Sampaio is Felipe in
Patrick Sampaio is Felipe in "Mirror of Life" Photo: Rede Globo / Divulgacao

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