Saturday , April 17 2021

Felipe Neto strengthens the request of the brothers Moreira Salles to Botafogo: "Finished & # 39;

A sponsor of Botafogo and one of the most prominent in Brazil, Felipe Neto went to his personal account on Twitter, which contains 8.4 million followers, and he ventured after the defeat of Glorioso to Resende, 1 to 0, complete Nilton Stadium Santos, and eliminating the Guanabara Cup.

Felipe Neto reinforced the campaign propagated by a large number of fans asking the brothers Moreira Salles to take over the football club. And it was radical then in the same post:

– #AssumeMoreiraSalles. Or it's over, "he wrote.

In early December, Felipe Neto asserted that a new company would sponsor Botafogo in 2019, generating more revenue for the club, including: Price Watch, which replaced Neto and is stamped with commercial property "esterno", on the shirt of the professional team.

This is the second time that Felipe Neto goes to social networks to protest Alvinegro. In August 2018, as a sponsor, he asked for the dismissal of Marcos Paquetá, then a coach who had taken the stop at the World Cup and only lasted five games at the # 39; office


The campaign of the brothers João and Walter Moreira Salles to influence Botafogo appeared the first days of the month of December. Botafoguenses, both have already invested in the Vargem Pequena TC (Espaço Lonier) and, more recently, have advised an Ernst & Young consultant to study ways to collaborate with the institution, Study should come between April and May.

The issue has been leaving Botafogo enthusiast fans in recent days. The subject has been walking behind the scenes and gained new contours during the past week, during a deliberative Council meeting. On the occasion of the opportunity, President Nelson Mufarrej responded to the consultations and made some confirmations to the present as a new deliberative meeting to address this issue exclusively in March.

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