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Film series & # 39; Fantastic Animals & # 39; adds J talents. K. Rovling and David Iates

Two, three, five. Magical world J. K. Rovling multiplies in film series. Harry Potter finished with seven, which is eight eight when the latest episode of The Deathly Hallows is divided into two. Nevt Scamander and The Fantastic Animals sparked controversy about the numbers needed for the story, while Varner's producer and distributor did not close at five. That is why we will have three more films in the series with Eddie Redmaine, adding the entire 13th series. Supervilajn, Grindelvald, who plays Johnny Depp, comes from the first film, and the other now extends his participation. They are, not by chance, the Crimes of Grindelwald, but fantastic animals are still present. One steals the scene – Zouvu, fascinated with that stick.

Considering that the new saga was preceded by Harry Potter, the big newspaper 2 is the participation of Jude Lava, as a young Albus Dambldor. Aurors from the Ministry of Magic visited Hogwarts, where Albus is part of a team of teachers. You were put under suspicion. Jude Lav, who used to be the sexiest man in the People magazine (more than once), liked to play a role.

"First, it was a great opportunity to review all the movies, which was really fun," says the actor in the material Varner distributed to reporters. This meant largely revising the performance of Richard Harris, who, after his death, replaced Michael Gambon. They both created the oldest Dambldor. "I wanted to see if there was anything I could get out of them, although I knew that I did not create the same Dambldor. He created a man who would become that Dumbledore."

Controversies were not missing during the show, when # meToo broke out in protest of the protests of women against band Johnny Depp for the role of a villain, but the actress hide Rovling himself, and there is no dialogue. She wants, she has. Rovling became a phenomenon in the contemporary publishing world when her Harri Potter series sold 400 million copies worldwide. It's a book that does not end, perhaps only Agatha Christie, the Bible, and that one of Villyama Shakespeare can be compared to her in size. And, of course, J. K. he still had additional advantages in selling the rights to the cinema, assuming the role of the producer. Considering the level of artistic control, it is difficult to reduce the size of director David Iates, but it is impossible to underestimate it.

Imelda Staunton, who joined the cast of Mike Leigh and Ang Lee, told the reporter once in Cannes that Iates was the biggest director she worked with. "Genius". In the plot of Fantastic Animals – the crime of Grindelwald, he becomes the greatest threat to peaceful coexistence between wizards and humans, or between witches and mammals (without magic). But Grindelwald does not want to eliminate all the moths. Cynically, he says it will always be needed – "like arches, in the position of the subaltern." Converted to the "myth" in the eyes of his followers, Grindelwald gathers them into an amphitheater and uses his power to anticipate the future.

Grindelwald designs the future. The world of people is pure destruction, and marching into a new great war, the other. Against this, he insults and proposes, with the authorities, the detention and even (partial) extinction of a mammal. Nevt, (Porpen) Tina, Dambldor and the Ministry of Magic, including Thebes' brother Theses, have united to confront him. And in the film that is now in its prime, Credence Barebone Circo Arcanus – The Museum of Human Unusuality, lives and tries to decipher the secret of its origin. Grindelvald attracts him to his side, but he himself keeps a secret about Dumbledore.

First, in the first half of the hour, the film can cause delays. It looks slow, with a scene enlarged to include effects. Everything can be counted for five, ten minutes, but then the magic, "aura," will lose. That's what makes a mystery – grace – the whole series, from Harry Potter and his ancestor, Fantastic animals, in the eyes of the follower. David Iates knows that. Time and effects dominate.

He has outstanding actors, not just Redmaine and Jude Lav, who are cool, but you will not see them in the next Oscar. It's burning for the Academy, which keeps prejudices against blockbusters who feed the industry. Suddenly, in the last third, everything connects, and the story reaches epic proportions, great, while still touching human issues. On Thursday, 15, Fantastic Animals – Crimes of Grindelwald are attacking rooms across the country. There will be 1461 rooms of 657 cinemas – it will be a state center that will not hide the new adventure of Nevt Scamander. Varner expects to exceed 4.3 million viewers of the previous film in Brazil.

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